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Juggling Life’s Challenges

Life is successes and failure’s, up’s and downs, rich and poor, heath and illness, motivation and doubt, positive and negative, Losses and wins , round and round on the circle of life’s merry go round. Does it feel as though you will never be able to get off that train.

Most of us have been there. For some people life seems to float along like a song even when everything is going wrong. Nothing seems to get them down, they always look on the bright side of life, and they always come up smiling with a positive solution. They are willing to go through it. When you ask them How they are coping, They say, It’s OK I am just going though something at the moment. They look for the place they are going to, rather than what they are going through.

On the other side of this scenario, some people completely fall apart and require lots of help to overcome even the smallest obstacle or challenge. Do you feel as though you are alone, when things get difficult. Do you feel as though you are looking through a cloudy window at the world, and that you are not a part of it. Do you look at the well happy people and feel separated from them? Do you see everyone on one side, happy, and you alone on the other side falling into an insurmountable pit?

We all try to juggle our challenges, while we continue with our ordinary everyday responsibilities, However, some people have learned more about our Inner Courage, Inner Strength, Faith, Hope, and Inner Self-Motivation, coping well with challenges.

On this journey of life, some challenges break us, we find it hard to deal with the internal and external heartbreaking pain, and we find it hard to recover. This Is Life. Faith is the Key to Overcome Challenges.

Stop for a moment and think deeply, If Life flowed smoothly for us, all the time, if life was perfect and we were completely happy, all the time. Would we ever really achieve anything worthwhile, would we be willing to do the hard work, would we even want to ? I don’t think so.

We learn, we change and grow in the hard times, we become more compassionate, more loving, more forgiving, more accepting, more peaceful, contented, and understanding, with a desire to abstain from hurting anyone in any way, including ourselves. We seek peace above all else. Why, because we have felt pain ourselves. We have struggled through life’s obstacles and we know how difficult it is to go through them. We clearly have to walk in another persons shoes to know how they really feel.

When we have learned from life’s challenges, when we have made a decision to grow Spiritually, we become Motivated, and Enthusiastic for Life itself. We want to be of service, and to others, we want to develop and grow, to be the best person we can become, to inspire others. We develop a heartfelt desire to help others with their problems.

“Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts.” ( Einstein.) You can become one of those few, when you can go through the difficult times with love, feelings, and gratitude in your heart, always motivated, by a genuine true compassionate concern for the wellbeing of other people.

Motivation is not hype it is deeper. True, Good, and Useful Motivation is an Internal Desire that grows with Commitment, Desire, Faith, Belief, Gratitude, Expectancy, Drive, and Determination,. To make a positive contribution. It’s a personal choice.

This poem helped me through all my circumstances and situations that I had absolutely no control over.

” Faith is risking what is, for what is yet to be. It is taking small Steps, knowing they lead to bigger ones. Faith is holding on, when you want to let go. It is also letting go when you want to hold on Faith is having the courage to say Yes, when everything else is says NO.

Faith is looking beyond what is, and Trusting for what will be. It is to stay in the presence of light, in the times of darkness, and in the presence of God through it all. (Ellen. M. Cuomo.)

No matter what you are going through, Never Give Up. It is being calm in the midst of a storm, looking for the rainbow.

Our negative attitude in the hard times determines how long we stay in it. Our calm and contentment during the hard times determines the blessings we receive when the hard times have passed. Don’t waste time wondering what, or why, you are suffering, learn and grow, stop, look and listen to your intuition, live through it with love.

Take what life now offers you with a quiet and thankful mind, and when you come through it, many treasures you will find. If all you do is want something else or something more, you will miss the happiness and opportunities behind your own front door.

Choose to, Be happy, Be courageous, Be strong, Be diligent, Be positive, Be kind, Be generous, Be accepting, always smiling, with an open Heart.

It does not take much to lift a persons spirit, a wave, a smile, a card, a hug, a kind word, a visit, a phone call, flowers, or any good deed. Little things mean a lot, they build a bunch of memorable moments that last forever.

I would like to share a couple of my memorable moments with you. I spent the better part of a year 2005, battling one of my life challenges. Cancer. I beat it. I am a cancer survivor.

1) My grandson was overseas at the time and sent me a card. The front cover was a mass of magnificent flowers, so real I could smell them. The words on the front cover were; Herzliche Gluckwunsche Zum Geburtstag! Everything Gluck der Welt und Obendrein Geburtstags-Geld. .The message he wrote inside was, Hi Grandma, I do not know what the front cover says, but the flowers are beautiful, right! Love from Justin. xo. An unforgettably memorable moment. We still have no idea what the card says, maybe someone out there can enlighten us.

2) I sponsored two children in Bangladesh for many years. One of them Paki Dulal wrote to thank me, explaining the many good changes that my sponsorship had made to both his and his family’s lives. He signed the letter, May God pickle you. He meant, May God keep and preserves you. He got his English a little mixed up, but how beautiful is that. Another memorable moment. Little things really do mean allot.

I give thanks everyday for all my life challenges, because it helps me to understand the pain that others are feeling, when I have been through it myself. It allows me to feel how they feel and be better equipped to help them

I have encountered my share of life’s challenges whilst raising a family, and working full time. If I could turn back the hands of time and change something, I would do everything all over again, exactly the same, because all of the challenges have made me who I am today, and I look forward to where I may be going in the future..

Fundamentally, people are decent, they have a heart desire to do good things and make a positive change in the world, to make the world a better place for the next generation. They are the future.

“May there always be peace within you, even in your biggest challenges. May you trust that you are exactly where you are meant to be, at this time. May you not forget the infinite possibilities, and opportunities, that are born of faith in yourself and in others. May you use the gifts that you have received, to bless others. May you live in love, walk with love and pass on the love given to you? May you be content with yourself just the way you are. this knowledge settle into your bones, and allow your soul the freedom to sing, dance, praise, and love. It is there for each and every one of us.”

Keep Smiling, through all your challenges.

Love and Blessings from Shirley Carton.

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